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Trimétrica has been particularly involved with project planning for building rehabilitation and reinforcement works, having acquired specific expertise in that particular type of construction work involving all types of structures and the full range of building materials.

It has completed projects that range from renovating traditional masonry buildings featuring wooden framework structures, old stone masonry bridges, to reinforced concrete structures beset with structural anomalies or deficient structural strength.

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Trimétrica Engenharia is vastly experienced and technically qualified to plan and project the construction of support structures for any purpose, employing the widest range of construction technologies.

The company has developed vast and sound experience in project planning for the construction of residential buildings, Commercial buildings, Industrial buildings, Educational buildings and sporting facilities.

We also present a team proficient in all areas of building engineering, from the technical installations and infrastructures to the energetic certification.

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Projects of bridge reinforcement have been particularly important throughout the increasing activity of Trimétrica.

We have been developing reinforcement solutions for traditional bridges with masonry arches and for more recent structures, such as reinforced concrete and steel structures.

Another important field, because of its perspective for future growth, is the design of pedestrian bridges, usually integrated in environmental and landscape architecture interventions.

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Analysis and project planning of geotechnical works (e.g., embankment and excavation stabilization, peripheral retention works, foundation consolidation, and hydro-geological surveying) requires specialized expertise.

The execution technologies are a key factor in the quality of these kinds of projects, and the experience in this field constitutes an added value in projects of the same nature.

Trimétrica has developed numerous geotechnical studies and projects, especially the reinforcement of building foundations.

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The interventions developed by Trimétrica in the field of structural design of hydraulic infrastructures include the design of new structures as well as the reinforcement of existing hydraulic setups.

We boast vast expertise in this area, accumulated from planning the construction of many special purpose structures, namely reservoirs, sewage treatment stations, tunnels, dams, and many other types of specialized engineering structures. This means that we are capable of providing qualified solutions to your structural engineering requirements in those areas.

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